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the Taxi in Kharkov. Transport, a taxi (transport services).

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  Название: All a taxi in Kharkov
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Логотип the Taxi in Kharkov Transport, a taxi (transport services) в Харькове
Taxi SALTOVKA in Kharkov

759-71-71 CDMA
700-78-37, 700-54-81

Taxi VOSTOK-072 in Kharkov

Phones: 072
8(067) 57-57-072
8(067) 57-27-072

The AIS-TAXI Taxi in Kharkov


Taxi VEGA in Kharkov

Phones: 068
8(097) 246-45-45
8(050) 216-35-36
8(093) 663-10-68

The Taxi of Ayr in Kharkov

Phones: 061
8(067) 577-70-61
8(050) 676-60-61
8(063) 948-30-75

The Taxi the WORLD in Kharkov

8(067) 572-22-22

The Taxi the WATER-NYMPH in Kharkov


The Taxi YOUR TAXI in Kharkov


The Taxi of the TAXI DIANA in Kharkov


The RADIO-TAXI Taxi in Kharkov

Phones: 008

The Taxi of the TAXI 0-58 in Kharkov

Phones: 0-58

The Taxi the CABRIOLET in Kharkov


The Taxi the GRANITE in Kharkov


The Taxi of TAXI CLUB in Kharkov

Phones: 056, 062
8(050) 400-40-75

The Taxi the BEACON in Kharkov

Phones: 777-00-00

The Taxi of the TAXI 0-76 in Kharkov

Phones: 076
8(067) 662-00-76
8(050) 404-00-76
8(063) 821-21-00

The Taxi the BLUES in Kharkov

Phones: 733-00-00

The Taxi the NINE in Kharkov

Phones: 751-99-99

The Taxi PRESTIGE in Kharkov


The Taxi the EXPRESS TRAIN in Kharkov


The Taxi the MOBILE TAXI in Kharkov

Phones: 567 with mobile
567 - e mobilny - e таксi


The Information for passengers

Not everything, that goes on a city with a "taxi" sign by a roof - actually a taxi where your rights are protected. Not very well, it goes in itself, comes to order, or costs on parking.

Legalizirovannoe the taxi is:
- Calculation for a trip it agree a taximetre and under the tariff, instead of from a ceiling, not on kilometric area of a speedometer which not conveniently neither to fix, nor to remember, it is frequent even plainly to consider on an instrument guard. And not on "point of view" of the dispatcher, or control office "scale of charges" where basically it is impossible to expect all features of each concrete trip.
- Acknowledgement of payment by the cash register check - an electronic taximetre, or the receipt of the private businessman - a carrier which works on the uniform tax. The law only in that case allows to work with a taximetre without fiscal memory and the printer.
- The insurance of passengers for the period of a trip on a road accident case.
- A carrier liability for uterju, or luggage damage through his fault.
- A correctness and accuracy of the driver which in case of a justified complaint can lose work if it works on hiring or to obtain the serious penalty, and even in general to remain without the License, if it the private businessman.

If you have got to "taxi" without a taximetre and the price list with the tariff is unequivocally illegal carrier. Even, if partially any documents at it are issued. Without a taximetre these documents all the same do not grant the service right to render, and even can be cancelled for rough infringement of licence conditions. And the main thing for the client: what sums would not name the driver such "a taxi", you can not pay. In general. To the Taxi driver the law forbids to carry out transportation of passengers without a working taximetre. And if it also is not registered, as the businessman on the uniform tax, the law in general forbids it a gain to accept without the kontrolno-cash registrar. That the majority of drivers and clients of it do not know, does not mean at all, that in case of the conflict of the passenger to the driver supervising bodies will not understand and will not punish both such driver, and carrier firm if the driver works on hiring.

The cash voucher from an electronic taximetre (in case of transportation realisation by the legal person-enterprise), or the receipt with detailed instructions of registration data of the physical person - the businessman (if a carrier - the private taxi driver), the tariff and the sum of payment for journey (it agree taximetre indicators) are unique documents with which you can confirm the trip fact. And only on their basis it is possible to put forward claims to a carrier if those have appeared.

To complain on a carrier if he "napartachil", and does not wish to settle in a kind way a question, it is necessary in a municipal government of protection of the rights of consumers, or it is possible in Motor transportation inspection (CORDUROY ROADS). (It is not necessary to confuse to GAI, these are absolutely different structures). Well and if you so "have served", that you had a desire in revenge simply to salt such "to a carrier ", your reference in Tax militia concerning the cash voucher (receipt) not given out to you and as in case this receipt is written out on behalf of the firm obviously similar on «Horns and hoofs» from the known novel, will have for it very unpleasant consequences.

How to protect the rights in a taxi

At first (at taxi hiring), it is necessary to be convinced, that you are served by a legal carrier. "SHashechki" on a car roof, or a phone number of dispatching service, alas, any guarantee, that serve you legally, and will adhere thus to norms and law requirements, do not give.

Be convinced, that in the car-taxi to which you go there is a License card, the price list with tariffs and a working taximetre. Pay attention to the column in the License card which is called "Licensee". There that enterprise, or state of emergency which have the right to render service by this car is specified and from their name the gain should be accepted to transportation. Often happens, that documents are issued on one managing subject (enterprise), and service is rendered actually by another - not registered as the subject of economic activities a private trader (the owner of the car or the driver who renting it) or has been not issued for work according to requirements of the law the hired driver. Pay attention to conformity of tariffs of the price list with promises by phone from dispatching service if you have taken advantage that. Demand from the driver at payment of service the check (or the receipt, if the driver - state of emergency). Be convinced, that this document is given out on behalf of "licensee". Be convinced, that calculation of cost of a trip was spent under the tariffs specified in the price list. Remember that the electronic taximetre has, as a rule, some tariff blocks that can be used the incorrect driver for overestimate of cost of a trip. If you have not noticed any incorrectnesses in the settlement document - pay a trip and keep the check (receipt). Without it you cannot confirm the fact of rendering to you of service if your claims to you be defended subsequently.

If you still had claims to service, you can seriously protect, and an inaccurate carrier is very painful to punish Management of Protection of the rights of consumers which is in each regional centre. However before the reference to them, you should address preliminary in writing to the director from which name the document on payment for a trip is given out. Or to state of emergency (if the document is given out from his name). But it is obligatory to a carrier which accepted payment for journey. As responsibility for quality of service is born by the executor instead of the intermediary whom the dispatching service is. And if the answer of a carrier has not satisfied you - address in writing in Management of protection of the rights of consumers, applying to the text of this reference the answer which has not satisfied you of a carrier and a copy of the check (receipt) on payment for journey. If your claims are proved - be assured, the carrier will strongly regret, that has missed possibility to solve a problem with you "before". And the science will go for the future.

Well, and if there is no legal taxi? And to go it is necessary?

The answer one - at own risk. It is possible to take advantage of dispatching service which involves in transportations of illegal private traders and being for them with "roof" though any unwritten rules holds them in certain frameworks. But the lawful way to defend the rights in that case will not possible. Only «in a private order» and outside of a legal field.

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