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Адвокат по семейным делам в Харькове

Семейные споры. Защита прав и интересов детей. Разводы через суд. Раздел имущества.
Услуги адвоката по наследству, имущественным и жилищным спорам.

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Antoshka. Children's shop. Children's clothes, footwear, toys. All for children.

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  Название: ANTOSHKA, the Country of Children's Dream
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Логотип Antoshka. Children's shop Children's clothes, footwear, toys. All for children в Харькове
the Network of children's supermarkets Antoshka - the children's goods, toys, hygiene means. Clothes and footwear for children. A children's food, the literature.

All goods offered by a network of supermarkets "Antoshka", it is possible to divide into six basic directions. It: toys, a children's food, sanitary articles and children's cosmetics, Children's furniture and carriages, clothes and footwear for children.
For effective filling of each of directions the best goods our top-managers regularly visit the most popular and prestigious European exhibitions.
As a result in a retail and wholesale network of Concern the most known world brands, and also young manufacturers - ascending "stars" of the world industry of the goods for children are presented.
The main advantage of all production is high quality, conformity to standards and constant replenishment of available assortment by interesting novelties.

  Адрес: 61002, Kharkov, street Pushkin, 54
61146, Kharkov, street of Academician Pavlova, 144-sb
61001, Kharkov, Lenin's avenue, 9

  Район: the Center, Saltovka, the m. item Scientific
  Режим работы: Daily from 10:00 till
  Телефон, факс: On Pushkin: +38(057) 706-35-47
+ 38(057) 706-35-48, 706-35-50

On Saltovke: +38(057) 720-29-14
+38(057) 720-29-15, 720-29-16

On Scientific: 38(057) 719-38-67, 719-38-65

  E-mail, WWW www.antoshka.com.ua
Antoshka - the Country of Children's Dream

Dreams, imaginations, colour dreams - they constant companions of the small person. At us, adults, was much less possibilities for an embodiment of the children's fantastic dreams. In our forces to make for children everything that the world around became for them the present fairy tale where desires are carried out always. So let's together with Antoshkoj transform dreams of our children into a reality, travelling all family on the Country of Children's Dream.

10 years of friendship with "Antoshkoj "

History of relations

In 2007 the children's supermarket "Antoshka " celebrates the anniversary - the 10 anniversary of fruitful work.

On September, 10th, 1997 in the Odessa microdistrict "High school " there was an unusual children's shop. In it all assortment of the children's goods has been presented. The marketing idea of concern "the Europroduct " has appeared actual. Before, to provide the child with all necessary - from a carriage to footwear, adults needed to visit set of shops. With opening "Antoshki " there was a new, unique format for the CIS children's shop - a children's supermarket. "Antoshka " quickly won popularity. Within next years "Antoshki " have appeared in Lvov, Kharkov, Kiev. Today by right it is possible to consider this network of children's supermarkets vseukrainskoj: it includes 21 children's supermarket in 10 cities of our country. Besides, the company "the Europroduct " opens 2-3 shops annually. Considering birth rate growth in Ukraine (460,4 thousand newborns in 2006 in comparison with 426 thousand in 2005), the demand of specialised children's shops is obvious.

The best family friend In children's supermarkets "Antoshka " the goods of six basic groups are offered the consumer: accessories; sanitary articles and cosmetics; a food; furniture and carriages; footwear, clothes; toys. The assortment is constantly updated and improved at the expense of contacts to new manufacturers. In the long list of partners is and a lot of such with which "Antoshka " successfully co-operates already more than 10 years.

In "Antoshke " presentations, joint actions with manufacturers are regularly spent semplingi. Sellers-advisers "Antoshki " constantly raise qualification, after all sale of the children's goods demands very high professional level of work with the buyer. Besides, in staff of children's supermarkets there are skilled doctors-pediatrists who are ready to render the qualified help in a choice of products of a children's food and hygiene means.

Within several years in a network "Antoshka " incentive projects operate. One of them - "the Gift to mum ". Within the limits of this project in all maternity homes of Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Ilyichevsk gifts from "Antoshki " are handed over to lying-in women. With the help "the Gift coupon " the buyer has an opportunity to present to parents or the kid the check, allowing to choose in "Antoshke " a gift for the sum chosen by the donator.

Style and sports - beauty and advantage Children's fashion - the phenomenon for Ukraine new, and without exaggeration it is possible to tell, that thanking "Antoshke " the domestic buyer has opened for itself its urgency and necessity. The clothes and footwear for children should be not only practical, functional, convenient and hygienic. Children, as well as adults, aspire to look beautifully and stylishly.

"Antoshka " helps to trace last fashionable tendencies - holds seasonal festivals of a children's fashion on which new collections of clothes and footwear show professional young models - actors of Theatre of a children's fashion "Antoshka ".

Also "Antoshka " takes part in popularisation of a healthy way of life. The network of children's supermarkets acts as the general sponsor of entertainment sports action - the championship of Ukraine on tennis for sportsmen aged till 14 years. The tournament spent since 2004, is included in an official calendar of Federation of tennis of Ukraine and is one of the main stages of selection of perspective young tennis players in the Ukrainian national team.


Children's supermarket "Antoshka"
The address: Kharkov, street Pushkin, 54
Phones: 38(057) 706-35-47
38(057) 706-35-48, 706-35-50
E-mail: ant_22@vl.kharkov.ua
The shop area: 800 м2
Operating time: daily from 10:00 till

The Children's supermarket "Antoshka"
The address: Kharkov, street Ak. Pavlova, 144
Phones: 38(057) 720-29-14
38(057) 720-29-15, 720-29-16
E-mail: ant_41@vl.kharkov.ua
The shop area: 908 м2
Operating time: daily from 10:00 till

Trading-entertaining centre "Mega-antoshka"
The address: Kharkov, Lenin's avenue, 9
Phones: 38(057) 719-38-67, 719-38-65
E-mail: ant_84@vlink.kharkov.ua
The shop area: 8 595 м2
Operating time: daily from 10:00 till

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