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Адвокат по семейным делам в Харькове

Семейные споры. Защита прав и интересов детей. Разводы через суд. Раздел имущества.
Услуги адвоката по наследству, имущественным и жилищным спорам.

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IV ROSHE (the beauty centre) Yves Rocher. Beauty salons, Cosmetics.

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  Название: Open Company "Маричка"
the Exclusive representative of the company «Yves Rocher»
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Логотип IV ROSHE (the beauty centre) Yves Rocher Beauty salons, Cosmetics в Харькове
Before you fine possibility to plunge into the nature and beauty world has opened. «IV Roshe» one of the first French marks who has won hearts of the Ukrainian Consumers. In 1998 in Kharkov the first Center of Beauty has opened, and today in a city exists already The whole network of firm shops of this company. And it knowingly! Production of IV Roshe uses Invariable demand among the Ukrainian women who prefer the natural Cosmetics any another! It is difficult to visitors of shops of IV Roshe to leave without purchase and #8722; more than 700 names, Face care and a body, perfumery and decorative cosmetics! Besides, our clients are waited always by weight of pleasant surprises and #8722; the Card The steady customer, gifts at purchase on определённyю the sum, constants thematic Actions with discounts to-30 % on production, actual at this particular time year, and Much, many other things!
  Адрес: Kharkov, street Sumy, 90
  Район: Center
  Режим работы: -
  Телефон, факс: (+ 38057) 714-00-88, 731-46-53, 731-32-10
  E-mail, WWW www.yves-rocher.kharkov.ua
the Management of Yves Rocher fairly considers, that salonnye procedures with Use of production of mark raise its popularity. Besides, not a secret, that in Cosmetology any means will not replace hands of the cosmetician, and its one word sometimes can To replace a huge advertising campaign.

The idea of creation of beauty salons at shops of IV Roshe became a successful course. Abroad Practically in all shops of firm there are salons.

In Kharkov one of the largest in the CIS the Beauty Center has opened. It is located on The central area of a city of a name of the Rose Luxembourg, 10. Here cosmeticians successfully work, Specially trained for work on professional cosmetics. All types of service on care By the person and a body are presented in centre beauty shops. Cosmeticians have diplomas and Constantly raise the professional level on courses and seminars which are spent Representatives of firm «IV Roshe».

To services of clients a manicure and pedicure office, vizazh. A sun deck. Hairdresser's salon And certainly weigh a spectrum of cosmetics and firm perfumery «IV Roshe» on a face care and a body. The buyer has an easy approach to the goods, can touch it, smell, feel. Sellers - the advisers also specially trained for work with serve the buyer Production «IV Roshe», capable to pick up cosmetics taking into account all features of your skin.

Hairdresser's salon.
In hairdresser's salon of the Center of Beauty «IV Roshe» masters of a high class work, Winners vseukrainskih competitions. The hairdressers who were trained in the Moscow Academy Hairdresser's Art and the centre «WELLA - Ukraine» create unique hairdresses. In salon You can not only change a hairdress and a hair colour, but also to receive medical treatment for hair. The hairdresser's salon is located about R.Ljuksemburg's square, 10
Open Company "Marichka " - official representative TM "IV Roshe " in Ukraine

The address: Kharkov, Square of the Rose Luxembourg, 10. Ph.: (8057 731-32-10, 731-50-40 Operating mode: 9.00 - 20.00 (Vs.: 9.00 - 18.00)

The address: Kharkov, Street Pushkin, 58. Ph.: (8057 717-95-27 Operating mode: 9.00 - 20.00 (Vs.: 9.00 - 18.00)

The address: Kharkov, Constitution square, 9. Ph.: (8057 731-20-79 Operating mode: 9.00 - 20.00 (Vs.: 9.00 - 18.00)

The address: Kharkov, Lenin's avenue, 17. Ph.: (8057 714-38-28 Operating mode: 9.00 - 20.00 (Vs.: 9.00 - 18.00)

The address: Kharkov, TTS "Ukraine ", Avenue Traktorostroitelej, 59/56, Ph.: (8057 766-70-19 Operating mode: 10.00 - 22.00 (Vs.: 10.00 - 21.00)

The Company «IV Roshe» is created in 1959 Frenchman Iv Roshe. This passionate fan of plants has conceived to place the nature in the service beauty, offering natural and accessible cosmetic means. More than 40 years the cosmetics «IV Roshe» uses the deserved demand among buyers of all countries of the world.

1956-.Sozdanie the first cream of IV Roshe on the basis of a plant under the name chistjak, developed IV Roshe in Lja Gasii on an attic of the family house.

1965г. - release of the first Green book of beauty of IV Roshe, become subsequently the most popular catalogue of cosmetics all over the world.

1969г. - opening of the first Center of Beauty in Paris. Today such centres more than 1350 all over the world (one of them is opened in Kharkov).

1972г. IV Roshe will organise the first gathering of young friends to animals and the nature in Lja Gasii. On this gathering has arrived more than 1000 children. During two dnejobsuzhdalis problems on nature preservation.

1989г. - IV Roshe, became one of the enterprises first in Europe, on cosmetics on which tests for animals have been replaced by tests in vitro. Since this time, the finished goods are tested in laboratories of IV Roshe on vegetative proteins.

1991г. - the company of IV Roshe lets out the first deodorant - a spray sprayed by pure air. Instead of ftorhloruglerodami.

1992г. - the company of IV Roshe is awarded by a gold medal of the Society of protection of animals (France) for the termination of tests for animals for finished goods, and also the first award on protection of environment in the field of the industry that at the enterprise in the city of Ploemel (France) will reach a zero indicator of dump of a waste.

1996г. - the company of IV Roshe receives a trophy, awarded to the enterprises for preservation of the environment, as the most advanced large enterprise. This award has remunerated efforts, preprinjatye at six enterprises of IV Roshe and has been handed over by the minister of environment.

1998г. - opening "vegetariuma" in Lja Gasii. This first European centre devoted to flora, located on the area in 1000 sq.m. will allow public to make travel to the centre of this world.

Today the company does not stop on reached, the new Centers of Beauty and shops with production «IV Roshe» all over the world open.

In 1998 such centre has opened and in our city of Kharkov, four more firm shops «IV Roshe» later have been opened.

Компания FRAMESI, компании Каражанов и К :: Магазин детских товаров «Кроха»

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