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the Kharkov jeweller factory. HJUZ. Jeweller ornaments.

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  Название: Joint-Stock Company "the Kharkov jeweller factory"
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Логотип the Kharkov jeweller factory. HJUZ Jeweller ornaments в Харькове
For today of Joint-Stock Company «Kharkov jeweller factory» - the enterprise with full Manufacture cycle - from working out of the sketch to an exit of a finished article and its realisation, Possessing the right to brand production State probirnym a brand. The enterprise Has proved as the manufacturer of qualitative production, modern design The Ukrainian consumer considering mentality.

Joint-Stock Company "Kharkov Jeweller Factory" production is the broadest spectrum of products from silver of 925 tests, numbering More than 3000 names. For last 5 years the manufacture volume has grown in 7,7 times, that Allows to satisfy a great demand for our production. By such rates it is planned To increase volume of manufacture and further, expanding and enriching assortment new kinds Production.

Products are executed with application various the technician: a combination of silver with cherneniem, Multi-coloured enamels, diamond facet, rubber or gilding, natural and Synthetic stones, etc.

Table silver by right is considered a wreath of jeweller art - every possible Wine-glasses, glasses, mugs, flasks, tea and coffee services, wine and konjachnye sets and Silver devices. They not only will serve as an ornament of a celebratory table and the certificate Prosperity of its owners, but also become an excellent gift to celebrations. And skilfully executed Figurines will harmoniously be entered in a house or office interior.

We create our products, thinking about those to whom they are intended - about ours Buyers, and being the manufacturer and the distributor of production, we guarantee most Reasonable and reasonable prices which do our production attractive.

  Адрес: Ukraine, Kharkov 61010, Gagarin's avenue 12
  Район: Center
  Режим работы: -
  Телефон, факс: +3 8(057) 732-29-07, the Fax: +3 8(057) 732-29-07
  E-mail, WWW info@xuz.com.ua, www.xuz.com.ua
Manufacturing of medals, badges, sculptures and corporate gifts.

We welcome kind tradition to give memorable silver and gold medals on the occasion of celebrating of anniversary of the company or in other pleasant occasion, and also in honour of outstanding figures of the industry, a science and culture.

Joint-Stock Company «Kharkov jeweller factory» carries out orders of the organisations for manufacturing of original series of commemorative medals, anniversary badges, signs, a small sculpture and other corporate awards and souvenirs from gold, silver and not precious metals.

If it is required to make valuable corporate gifts and souvenirs by an anniversary of the enterprise, to order badges with a logo of firm or to make a silver cup, a glass or a wine-glass with your monogram, we are ready to work not only under sketches of the customer, but also to consider your ideas stated in the free form.

Joint-Stock Company «Kharkov jeweller factory» is a member of association"Jewellers of Ukraine" and works in the jeweller market since 1929.

All jewels made of precious metals (gold and silver), pass approbation in own accredited laboratory and are branded state probirnym by a brand.

We guarantee high quality to each jewel.

Our constant partners are the Kharkov Regional administration, the Kharkov City Council. We carried out orders of the State "Treasury" NBU, the First Ukrainian International Bank, Open Society "Megabank", AKIB "UkrSibBank", NTU "HPI", the Kharkov State Pedagogical University of G.S.Skovorody, the Kharkov National University of V.N.Karazina and many other things the enterprises and the organisations.

Affinazh, galvanic coverings (gilding, silvering).

DP "Ligor" Joint-Stock Company «Kharkov jeweller factory» on the basis of the licence of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine AA № 629165 from 19.11.2003, AB № 223222, AB № 223223 from 05.09.2005 throughout 10 years carries out following kinds of activity:

1. Makes gathering and processing (including affinazh) a liquid waste (electrolits of silvering, gilding), a waste and a breakage of precious metals (silver, gold, a palladium, platinum) in the form of storage batteries, contacts and contact groups, a breakage of the special equipment, a waste of jeweller manufacture, a breakage of jewels etc. On each party affinirovannogo metal our enterprise gives the Test report which has been given out by GNU NTK «Institute of monocrystals» about conformity gostam.

2. Renders services in a galvanic covering of the goods of technological appointment and the consumer goods made of gold, silver, copper and copper alloys.
- Silvering
- Gilding

We invite to mutually advantageous cooperation. The prices contractual.
For the additional information to address:
Ph. 8 (057) 732-58-50, fax 8(057) 732-29-07
Director DP "Ligor" Joint-Stock Company "KhJuS" Nina Ivanovna Plahotnaja

As basis for development of jeweller business in Kharkov hour manufacture which in 20-30 years concerned system kustarno - the craft industry has served. The considerable part of the hour and jeweller industry was made by private workshops and associations. The first mention of opening of the state watch repair shop concerns November, 1923

Since 1929 as a part of the local industry of the Kharkov district executive committee the Kharkov hour factory representing a small-scale enterprise of semihandicraft type, with prevalence of manual skills appears. Jeweller manufacture has arisen at hour factory in the late thirties.

The first jewels were made of a waste of hour manufacture. It were simple female ornaments and bracelets "Snake" which have been directed in Sojuzjuvelirtorg to Moscow then the order at hour factory has been allowed to organise shop of jewels.

In days of the Second World War, in connection with occupation of Kharkov, the factory has stopped the activity. The equipment has been evacuated to Tashkent. In 1944 the hour factory of VTSIKa as hour factory Juvelirtorga has renewed the activity, having started to make silver products 8750. Since 1947 the factory began to be called the juvelirno-sentry. According to order Glavjuvelirtorga of the Ministry of Trade of the USSR from February, 20th, 1950 hour manufacture in Kharkov has been liquidated. Since 1951 the factory began to be called as Kharkov jeweller factory Glavjuvelirtorga of the Ministry of Trade of the USSR. In 1951, in to Moscow at the All-Union exhibition of jewels high level of manufacturing of jeweller rings of the Kharkov jeweller factory has been noted. In 1956 the award of the Ministry of Trade of the USSR in the sum of 7500 roubles has been handed over the Kharkov jeweller factory. In 1959 the factory began to be called as Kharkov jeweller factory Ukrjuvelirtorga of the Ministry of Trade of Ukraine. Since 1962, and to this day, the factory is to the address: Gagarin's avenue 12.

On the basis of the order of №20 Ministries of instrument making, means of automation of control systems of the USSR from February, 1st, 1973 the Kharkov jeweller factory has been renamed into the Kharkov jeweller factory.

Simultaneously with expansion of capacity of factory the assortment of its products increased, their quality and art level raised. Therefore to artists and fashion designers of the Kharkov jeweller factory repeatedly awarded awards of 1st category for creation vysokodekorativnyh ornaments and products. Their products have been recommended for delivery to export.

In 1978, besides products from silver of 875 tests with inserts from corundum, glass, ornamental stones and without inserts, gilt products from silver, the factory begins release of products with oksidirovaniem. In 80th years the factory continues to increase the capacities. In 1985 the factory area already made 731 м2. Participating throughout all development in exhibitions and fairs, in 1986 the Kharkov jeweller factory, having presented at fair of jewels in Moscow 107 silver products, have been noted for ornaments with pearls, malachite, a green pomegranate, corundum. Since December, 30th, 1988 the factory began to be called the rent enterprise"the Kharkov jeweller factory".

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