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Адвокат по семейным делам в Харькове

Семейные споры. Защита прав и интересов детей. Разводы через суд. Раздел имущества.
Услуги адвоката по наследству, имущественным и жилищным спорам.

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Topolek. Shop of the writing goods in Kharkov. Kantstovary.

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  Название: Topolek, Trading Firm, Open Company
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Логотип Topolek. Shop of the writing goods in Kharkov Kantstovary в Харькове
  Описание: Paper and products from a paper
Accessories to office-work
Writing accessories
Drawing accessories
Art and decorative accessories
Office trifles
Melkoofisnaja technics
Desktop accessories
Office technics and the equipment
Stamp accessories
The equipment for presentations
Business accessories
Elite writing accessories
Souvenir production
The accompanying goods
Forms - manufacturing, realisation
The bumazhno-clean goods, cardboard
Skin, leather products - manufacture, realisation
  Адрес: 61204, Kharkov, street Envera Ahsarova, 21
  Район: in Kharkov
  Режим работы:
  Телефон, факс: (8-057 33-88-686, 33-83-779
  E-mail, WWW ofs@topolyok.com.ua, www.topolyok.com.ua


topolek, the store (shops) of the writing goods
61003, Kharkov, Constitution square, 1, the Palace of work, 2nd under., 6th floor, office 5
Phone: +3 8 057 7300622, 7313179

topolek, the store (shops) of the writing goods
61072, Kharkov, Lenin's avenue, 48
Phone: +3 8 057 7730080

topolek, the store (shops) of the writing goods
61024, Kharkov, street Pushkin, 67
Phone: +3 8 057 7004886

topolek, the store (shops) of the writing goods
61050, Kharkov, avenue Moscow, 41
Phone: +3 8 057 7161617

topolek, the store (shops) of the writing goods
61058, Kharkov, Danilevsky's street, 18
Phone: +3 8 057 7176177

topolek, the store (shops) of the writing goods
61002, Kharkov, Ivanov's street, 4
Phone: +3 8 057 7143568

topolek, a supermarket kantstovarov
61001, Kharkov, street Plehanovsky, 40
Phone: +3 8 057 7327410

topolek, a supermarket kantstovarov
61082, Kharkov, avenue Moscow, 202
Phone: +3 8 057 7162274

topolek, a supermarket kantstovarov
61204, Kharkov, street Envera Ahsarova, 21
Phone: +3 8 057 3388686

topolek, the store (shops) of the writing goods
61003, Kharkov, Geroev Truda street 14
Phone: +3 8 057 7668921

"Topolek" is a history of successful work. Thanks to our company, word "topolyok" at inhabitants of Kharkov associates with kantstovarami. Why "Topolyok"? The name remains "by right of succession". During Soviet times there was a shop kantstovarov with the similar name. And December, 1992 trading firm "Topolek" has been registered. We have left the familiar name, but have completely replaced principles robots: began to offer in days of rigid deficiency interesting and necessary production. Since then "topolyok" from tiny department kantstovarov the company collective - with 10 to 150 persons has grown to a huge network of shops and supermarkets on all city, and.

Today "topolek" it:
- The branched out network of retail shops kantstovarov (10 shops)
- THE INTERNET - SHOP "topolyok "

Our motto - “Korisni Rechi” . We care of quality of our production and wide assortment for you. We offer the best and exclusive goods which will help with work and achievement of your purposes. Our work has been appreciated. In 2004 we are awarded awards "Vishcha test ". This rank at national level was confirmed "with the Kharkov quality symbol ", awarded in 2004 companies "topolek " for the best shops kantstovarov in a city.

Advantages of work with us:

- Wide assortment

Huge choice kantstovarov (over 7000 names of the goods), office accessories and accessories, business gifts. Besides, in our company it is possible to get office equipment and office furniture, safes and unichtozhiteli documents, household chemical goods and harvest stock. All for the workplace organisation.

- Internet shop

All goods presented in our shops and supermarkets, you can order on the Internet. You have possibility, not leaving the house or office to choose that is necessary for you, and to receive it in the shortest terms.

- Department "Office-service"

Our motto - "In time for the company - it is convenient for people ". We offer you new standards of service, qualitative service, both for the company, and for each person working in your company. Now, ordering the goods for the company, your employees have possibility simultaneously to order kantstovary and for themselves personally (home, for study, for the child). To them them deliver in office simultaneously with the company order.
Topolek "the Office-service " offers not simply qualitative goods, we offer EVERYTHING, that is necessary for comfortable work at your office. With us you can be assured of worthy service and delivery is exact in time.

- Delivery

At order cost from above 500 griven delivery is carried out free of charge. Orders are delivered to the next working day after payment reception (Monday - Friday), except the goods presented in sections "Souvenir production " and "the Goods under the order ".

- Guarantees

Replacement of any goods without an explanation of the reason within 14 days from the moment of purchase, under condition of non-use and preservation of original packing. A guarantee on all kinds of office technics from 6 months. Technics warranty service is carried out in the specialised service centres in the presence of guarantee coupons.

- Supermarkets kantstovarov

"topolyok" the first in Kharkov, and also the first in Ukraine, has opened supermarkets kantstovarov. They are to the address: a supermarket kantstovarov "Office world " street Ahsarova, 21 - 2002, a supermarket kantstovarov "topolek " street Plehanovsky, 40 - 2003, a supermarket kantstovarov "topolek " avenue Moscow, 202 - 2004г. The main motto of the command working in a supermarket: "All for office in one shop ".

- the Catalogue of the goods

Annually company "O«»«?N¬" lets out the catalogue of the goods "All for office ". The catalogue gives the chance easily, without superfluous expenses of time and money, to get all necessary for your business.
Goods topolek (Kharkov)
- The Paper and products from a paper: Paper office, Paper tape for EKKA, a paper for a fax, a paper faltsovannaja punched, a paper rolled without punching, with punching, Paper drawing, masshtabno-co-ordinate, a tracing-paper, copy, Films for printers and kopirov, Paper samoklejushchajasja, labels formatnye samoklejushchiesja, a paper for notes, Reading and writing, diplomas, thanks, Writing-books school, Notebooks, Colleges-blocks, Alphabetic and notebooks, Daily logs dated, undated, planingi, Writing books, writing-books for abstracts, Forms and books for book keeping, Forms of the strict reporting, Envelopes, Gallery of a paper, cut-away, Notebooks, colleges-blocks to buy in Kharkov!
- Accessories to office-work: Files, Folders-corners, Pendant files for a card file, Folders plastic and cardboard with memory rings, Folders cardboard with memory rings, Registrars, Dividers, Folders with a clip, Folders, Folders-envelopes, Displays-books, Portfolios and folders plastic, Portfolios and folders cardboard, Archival boxes (archival boksy), Tablets, Folders address and anniversary, Covers for documents, Vizitnitsy, New Collection of products from plastic - VIVANTO, Folders with the button, on a lightning, Folders on elastic bands to buy in Kharkov!
- Writing accessories: Handles ball, Handles gelevye, Scooters, linery, Pencils graphitic, Pencils office, Pencils mehanichskie, Markers permanent, Tekstmarkery, Markers for projective films, Markers for CD, Markers for design works, markers special, Cores for mechanical pencils, Ink for refuelling perevyh handles to buy in Kharkov!
- Drawing accessories: Rulers, Protractors, triangles, Protractors, curves, Compasses, cases of drawing instruments, Rapidografy, handles for drawing works, Ink, Sharpeners for pencils without the container, Sharpeners for pencils with the container, Lastiki, Tubes to buy in Kharkov!
- Art and decorative accessories: albums, are small, felt-tip pens, feathers, brushes, paints, plastelin to buy in Kharkov!
- Office trifles: Scissors, knifes for papers and an edge for knifes, Badges, Adhesive tape writing, packing, a dispenser for an adhesive tape, pistols packing, Glue, proof-readers, Paper clips, elastic bands bank, Clips, magnifiers, buttons to buy in Kharkov!
- Melkoofisnaja technics: Staplers, punchers, antistaplers, skoby, Staplers, Antistaplers and skoby to buy in Kharkov!
- Desktop accessories: Sets desktop, Trays for documents, Supports desktop and other desktop accessories to buy in Kharkov!
- Office technics and the equipment: The equipment for cover, unichtozhiteli documents, Calculators, Hours desktop and wall, Phones, faxes, Lockers for papers, boksy, safes, Covers, springs, films, Fixtures office, Kopiholdery, supports under phones, a demo-system, Baskets for papers, Cutting torches, Laminators, Detectors of currencies, counters of banknotes, Tape and etiquette-printers DYMO - under the order, Computer accessories, Card files, card-index cases to buy in Kharkov!
- Stamp accessories: Pillows and paints stamp, Datery, date stamps, stamps, equipments, pillows replaceable to buy in Kharkov!
- The Equipment for presentations: Boards demonstration, magnetic suhostiraemye, Flipcharty, screens, Accessories for the presentation equipment to buy in Kharkov!
- Business accessories: Handles ball PARKER (Jotter, Reflex, Vector, Frontier, Insignia, Rialto, Sonnet, Latitude) to buy in Kharkov!
- Souvenir produktsi: fotoalboty, vizitnitsy, frameworks for a photo, picture albums, brelki, clips for a paper to buy in Kharkov!
- School office: Writing-books school, albums for drawing, brushes, paints water colour, paints honey, paints gouache, colour pencils, plastelin, flamastery, kochilki for pencils are small, lastiki for a pencil, globes to buy in Kharkov!

- Actions and gifts

Every month in company "O«»«?N¬" shops actions and draws with prizes and gifts, for children and their parents are carried out. Also the company has introduced and spends the Social School and Preschool programs approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Watch news - we operatively publish the information on each our action on a site.

- Discount system

In each our shop the memory discount system operates. At goods purchase for the sum from 100 griven (for the organisations - from 500 griven) you receive a memory discount card which gives you the initial discount in 5 % on acquisition of any goods in a network of shops kantstovarov "topolek".

Keywords: to order, buy, sale of the writing goods (kantstovarov) in Kharkov, Internet shop of writing goods topolek in Kharkov.

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