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MegaMax. Home appliances, the Computer technics, Communication.

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  Название: MEGAMAX, electronics hypermarket
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Логотип MegaMax Home appliances, the Computer technics, Communication в Харькове

New MegaMax in Kharkov. Current information on MegaMax in Kharkov here!

The Network of supermarkets on audio - sale, video - home appliances, the computer technics, mobile phones, a technics photo

Services: the credit, the discount program, delivery, installation and connection, warranty service, a special offer, installation Hi-Fi of systems, online booking of the goods

  Адрес: 61037, Kharkov, avenue Moscow, 199а, ТЦ« Sun-City Plasa »
  Район: metro station the Moscow Prospectus
  Режим работы: Monday - Saturday: 9.00 - 20.00
Sunday: 9.00 - 18.00

  Телефон, факс: Information service: (044 200-00-00

(057 716-43-32
Departments: large home appliances, the small home appliances, the built in technics, devices of water supply, the climate device

(057 716-43-11
Departments: a tele-and video equipment, a communication facility, phototechnics and optics, audio equipment, automobile electronics, hi-fi technics

  E-mail, WWW info@megamax.ua, www.megamax.ua
Company MegaMaks Shops in Kharkov:

Kharkov, the avenue Moscow, 199
Bodies (057 716-43-32, (057 716-43-11
Shop Megamaks Operating mode:
Monday - Saturday: 9.00 - 20.00
Sunday: 9.00 - 18.00

Kharkov, street on August, 23rd, 43
Bodies (057 751-81-05, 751-81-09
Shop Megamaks Operating mode:
Monday - Saturday: 10.00 - 20.00
Sunday: 11.00 - 19.00

Kharkov, Blucher's street, 23
Bodies (057 752-00-71, (057 752-00-73
Shop Megamaks Operating mode:
Monday - Saturday: 10.00 - 20.00
Sunday: 11.00 - 19.00

Kharkov, Gagarin's street, 165
Bodies (057 721-11-24
Shop Megamaks Operating mode:
Monday - Saturday: 10.00 - 20.00
Sunday: 11.00 - 19.00

Shops MegaMaks across Ukraine: Kiev (10 magician), Alexandria (1 magician), Dnepropetrovsk (3 magician), Donetsk (2 magician), Izmail (1 magician), Ilyichevsk (1 magician), Krivoi Rog (1 magician), Lugansk (1 magician), Lvov (1 magician), Mariupol (1 magician), Nikolaev (1 magician), New Kakhovka (1 magician), Odessa (3 magician). Uzhgorod (1 magician), Kharkov (4 shops) - addresses look on company Megamaks site.

For 13 years of the activity the company "a MegaMax " has passed classical for the majority of the domestic enterprises a formation way.

Departments in the big shops of of Kiev - so the history of one of leaders of the market of home appliances and electronics of Ukraine began.

The first shop "the Shelf ", that in the street Shato Rustsvelly 11, has been opened in 1999. Since appearance and the trading equipment of shop and finishing a personnel skill level - all was revolutionary for the Kiev market of home appliances of that time.

For the past since then 12 years the approach to retail trade in the household goods has cardinally changed: formats of shops have changed, the trading areas have grown, the trading equipment and methods of representation of the goods in a trading hall was improved, professionalism of sellers has considerably grown. But work principles in "a MegaMax " remain former: the creative approach and a creative. We experiment pleasure, we search, we surprise.

In 2004 the company "a MegaMax ", taking in the lead positions in the market of home appliances of capital, has begun development of the regional markets. It is literally for a year electronics hypermarkets in Odessa, Kharkov, Donetsk have opened a full format.

Same 2004 in Kiev two trading points have opened: technics salon Hi-Fi "Pioneer " and a full format electronics hypermarket on file Оболонь, and also department in a trading complex "the Caravan ".

In 2005 new hypermarkets of electronics "a MegaMax " in Kiev, Odessa, Zaporozhye, and also two in Kharkov have opened.

For 2006 to the list of cities where there is a Trading network "a MegaMax ", Dnepropetrovsk, Uzhgorod, Izmail and Ilyichevsk have joined.

In 2007 new hypermarkets of electronics "a MegaMax " have opened in Krivoi Rog, Kherson, Nikolaev, Lvov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Kiev. For today a trading network "the MegaMax " totals 30 hypermarkets of electronics and one firm technics salon Hi-Fi in Ukraine. Dynamics of development of the company speaks about its strategic plans concerning superiority among other leaders of the market of the electrogoods for the house.

In what a secret of attraction of attention of consumers to company shops "a MegaMax "? Probably, it is necessary to search for a solution in the company motto: "MEGA a choice + the MAXIMUM of services "

The choice really impresses - more than 15 thousand names. And, if any goods are not available, we will do the utmost, that it has been put individually by request of the client.

The Maximum of services.

It is necessary to underline, that for all employees of the Trading network "the MegaMax " the main task is reception of the higher estimation of the buyer and its satisfaction.

And at trade in equipment which demands certain obligations to the consumer during enough long time, quality of rendered services hardly probable concedes on importance to quality of the got goods! After all purchase of technics for the house - business not spontaneous, to it prepare. Technics long and carefully choose, of it ask the price. And successful acquisition necessarily should serve on pleasure and the blessing of the buyer long time. That is why the sympathising attention and the qualified consultation of the seller, the help of experts in an establishment of technics and to service, and also the subsequent technical support are so important.

Actions, offers under the special prices, sales , dated for various dates, definitions of owners of superprizes invariably turn for our buyers to unforgettable holidays with gifts and surprises. And it always cheerful passion and good mood. We are ready to put a maximum of efforts that, having bought the goods in shops of the Trading network "a MegaMax ", buyers came back again.

We wait for you in our shops!

I will sell in Kharkov Blu-ray players, DVD-players, DVD-players portable, Autovideosystems, Automobile acoustics, Automobile TV tuners, Automobile audiosystems, Automobile masseurs, Automobile subwoofers, Automobile amplifiers, Accessories for automobile system, Accessories for video equipment, Acoustic systems, Batteries, Blenders, Razors, the Sandwich, Cooking panels, Fans, Videocameras, Wine cases, Water heaters, Dictophones, House cinemas, Ovens built in, Conditioners, Coffee makers, Arms, Kitchen combines, Radio tape recorders, Machines for a hairstyle, Microwaves, Microphones, Mixers, Freezing chambers, the Musical centres, Meat grinders, Ear-phones, Heaters, Double boilers, Plates gas, Supports, Dishwashers the Vacuum cleaner, Radio with hours, Receivers is inserted, Devices for packing of hair, we Erase and dry automatic machines, we Erase cars, TVs ZHK, TVs plasma, Phones, TVs flat, Phones mobile, Utensils kitchen, Irons, Faxes, Hair dryers, Cameras, Cameras with printers, Photoframeworks, Bakeries, Refrigerators, Refrigerators built in, Digital audioplayers, Electric stoves, Electric kettles, Epilators

The Credit

In shops "a MegaMax " you can get technics on credit. to you will offer various conditions of crediting. Sellers-advisers will acquaint you with features of each of programs and will help to choose your credit.

Crediting conditions AKB "Praveks-bank " (Kiev)

Possibility of reception of the credit without an initial payment
Term of crediting from 6 months till 3 years
The minimum sum of the credit - 100 c.u.
The maximum sum of the credit - 2000 c.u.
1,67 % a month on the rest (20 % annual)
Age category from 21 till 60 years

Documents which are necessary for registration of the credit for the physical person:

The passport of the citizen of Ukraine.
The original of the inquiry on assignment of an identification code.
The reference about incomes for last 6 months with instructions of a post, receipt date for work (breakdown on months).
The copy of the labour book in case the client works on a present place of work less than 1 year.

Documents which are necessary for credit registration for the private businessman
The passport of the citizen of Ukraine.
The original of the inquiry on assignment of an identification code.
The certificate on the state registration.
Reports with tax for last 2 quarters with a mark of tax inspection, or the inquiry on incomes with tax for last 6 months, given out BEND with the round (wet) press.

The General (continuous) seniority
Not less than 1st year, if the sum of the credit to 400 c.u.
1,5 years, if the sum of the credit from 400 c.u. to 700 c.u.
2 years, if the sum of the credit more than 701 c.u.

Warranty service

On the majority of technics the annual guarantee from the manufacturer, besides on the majority of large home appliances, except an annual guarantee from the manufacturer is given, it is given and 2 summer service from the authorised service centre.

According to to the Law of Ukraine "About protection of the rights of the consumer " the consumer has the right to exchange not an article of food of appropriate quality on similar at the seller at whom it has been got if the goods have not approached under the form, to dimensions, a style, colour, the size or for other reasons cannot be used it for the designated purpose.

The consumer has the right to an exchange of the goods of appropriate quality within 14 days, not considering day of purchase.

The Exchange of the goods of appropriate quality is spent, if:
- It was not in the use
- Its trade dress
is kept - Its consumer properties
are kept - Seals
are kept - Labels
are kept - It is kept commodity either the cash voucher or other documents which have been given out to the consumer together with the sold goods

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