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Hotel " Kharkov ". Hotel.

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  Название: Hotel "Kharkov", Joint-Stock Company
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Логотип Hotel
Our purpose - creation of cosy and comfortable atmosphere for your stay in hotel. The qualified personnel will give an attention maximum to any your wish. In hotel "Kharkov" you feels the most liked and the welcome guest. Our hotel has everything that you could have a rest fine and, if necessary, is high-grade to work, hold business meetings, negotiations and presentations.
We want, we are able and we will make so that you have again wanted to return to our hotel.
Adminstratsija Open Company "Hotel" Kharkov ”»
  Адрес: Kharkov, 61022, Freedom square, 7
  Район: Center
  Режим работы: round the clock
  Телефон, факс: +38(057) 758-00-08, +38(057) 758-01-53
the Fax: +38(057) 705-19-63
  E-mail, WWW hotel@ukrsat.kharkov.ua, www.hotel.kharkov.com
Welcome to "Kharkov"

Time of the basis of Kharkov coincides with the well-known events in history - reunion of Ukraine with Russia in XVII century.

Kharkov - capital of Ukraine in 1917-1934, a city with the population of 1 million 517 thousand the persons, the second city in Ukraine on a population.

Today Kharkov - one of the largest student's and industrial cities of Ukraine with the unique factories-giants known for the whole world. Unique shape numerous monuments of architecture, industrial complexes, architectural ensembles of the Sumy street, Lenin and Gagarin's prospectuses, park of a name Bitter give to Kharkov, a garden of Shevchenko, and also Freedom area - one of the largest areas of the world. Round the area the complex of high-rise constructions first in the USSR - gosprom, university of Karazina, Military academy of Govorova, and also hotel "Kharkov" has risen.

Hotel "Kharkov" has been constructed by architect G.A.Janovitskim in 1936. The building designed by it is considered an architecture masterpiece. On a world's fair in Paris in 1937 its project has received the highest estimation. The hotel is today an ornament of a native city, it has entered many remarkable pages in its history.

Located in city centre, hotel "Kharkov" is conveniently connected by vehicles to all areas of a city, is in 5 km from railway station and in 18 km from the airport. Well arranged well, with the perfect modern numbers, completed with highly-skilled personnel, it by right is one of the best hotels of a city of Kharkov and Ukraine.

Hotel "Kharkov" personnel is always glad to accept and serve the visitors with traditional Ukrainian hospitality inherent for it.

The hotel service bureau is glad to offer you the organisation of interesting excursion programs across Kharkov and its vicinities.

At your service qualified guides-translators, professional translators for business rounds, transport service, rent of cars.

YOU are INVITED by Restaurant "Continent"

We offer you the perfect, extensive menu, a high degree of service and cosy atmosphere. The Head cook of restaurant "Continent" will indulge you with traditional Ukrainian dishes and izyskami a French cuisine.

We work for you round the clock and are glad to accept the order in your number on bodies. +38-057-758-00-01, +38-057-758-00-02
Breakfast "Buffet" from 7.30 till.

Having visited though time at restaurant "Continent", you should not think any more where to have supper. Restaurant "Continent" is that rare place where the worlds intertwine. Two halls - absolutely different two styles. The first - palace, in beige tones, mirrors and crystal. The second - east with soft padded stools, low sofas and hookahs.

In restaurant "Continent" menu dishes from different continents are collected. Slice of France - goose liver Fua-gra … Islet of Thailand - soup with seafood … Small town of Italy - spaghetti Karbonara … … It is far not all dishes which will be offered you by restaurant "Continent". The best vacation spot after the working day or for a romantic supper, to you simply not to find.

You can visit restaurant "Continent" at any time: Before job to drink a cup of coffee with hot kruasanom. At midday to discuss questions with the colleague at dinner. To have supper together or the company in the evening. And even at night on road home from a night club. Having visited restaurant "Continent" once, it would be desirable to come here again and again.

Hotel "Kharkov" provides to visitors a maximum of conveniences. Located in a city business centre, it ideally meets all requirements of the modern businessman.

At your service - comfortable rooms, numbers equipped satellite and a cable television, minibars, conditioners, international telecommunication. Spacious appartamenty, intended both for rest, and for job, also wait for you.

Cosy restaurants, cafe and bars offer excellent kitchen and perfect service.


We invite you to visit restaurant "Continent"
(057 758-00-01, (057 758-00-02
Round the clock


Cafe «Seventh sky»
(057 758-02-92


At your service a minibar in number.

Beauty salon «Continent Style»

(057 758-00-03, (057 758-05-80
pn-sb: 9:00-20:00, vs: 10:00-19:00
Washing, a dry-cleaner

For washing and a dry-cleaner you will find packages in number. Fill the form and leave in number.
(057 705-60-83
Round the clock

Small repair of clothes and footwear

Reception and placing service
(057 719-46-15
Round the clock


(057 719-46-15, (057 705-60-83
Round the clock

Parking, car rent, a taxi

Reception and placing service
(057 719-46-15
Round the clock

Payment, credit cards

You can pay at the cashier cash or credit cards: VISA, MASTER CARDS, AMERICAN EXPRESS.
Currency exchange The information in reception and placing service.

Health services, massage

Reception and placing service
(057 705-60-83
Round the clock

The Safe, a left-luggage office

Reception and placing service
(057 705-60-83
Round the clock

Post services and the correspondence

You can leave or receive the correspondence in reception and placing service.

Excursions, the guide-translator

(057 758-01-25, 758-01-53

The Order and delivery railway and air tickets

(057 758-00-28
pn-pt: 9:00-18:00

The Conference hall

(057 758-01-53 (9:00-18:00)


Ответственность за правильность и актуальность информации несет представитель компании, подготовивший информацию о компании. Если Вы обнаружили ошибку - сообщите нам об этом. Спасибо.