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Адвокат по семейным делам в Харькове

Семейные споры. Защита прав и интересов детей. Разводы через суд. Раздел имущества.
Услуги адвоката по наследству, имущественным и жилищным спорам.

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SPA-centre "Plexus". Beauty salons (services).

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  Название: SPA-centre "Plexus"
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Логотип SPA-centre
Last achievements in massage technologies, cosmetic uhody behind a face skin and bodies, hydroprocedures of several kinds, personal trainings BODY - ВUILDING, PILATES, a pedicure and manicure, a sun deck, hairdresser's service - a reliable arsenal of Spa-CENTER PLEXUS.
  Адрес: Ukraine, Kharkov, street Derevjanko, 3-В
  Район: Dzerzhinsky
  Режим работы: without days off, from 9:00 till
  Телефон, факс: + 38(057) 343-15-13
+38(057) 343-67-92
  E-mail, WWW plexspa@yahoo.com, www.plexus.kharkov.ua
Modern men have understood for a long time already - that courage and Care of self at all do not contradict each other. The well-groomed appearance, a healthy way of life Became specific signs of the modern person. and time and material inputs on The appearance and state of health are investments which with interest pay off: men Receive the invaluable vital capital - health, respectability, a self-trust.

Unique experience of Spa-CULTURE becomes today possible and for men of a city of Kharkov.

Having opened SPA-centre "Plexus" - unique in Ukraine the centre for men - we put Spa before Itself a problem to take the first step in granting to our men of possibility to become a part World culture of care of the appearance and health. In our centre you will forget about Existence of weariness, stress and daily routine. Last achievements in the massage Technologies, care of a skin, feet and hands, hydrotherapy, personal trainings, Sun deck, hairdresser's service and other services - our arsenal:

Hall of hydroprocedures - the world of water, smells aromamasel and silent music.

The hydromassage bathroom which is equipped by a set of atomizers and manual privodnym a massage shower, allows to spend aero-gidro massage under the control of Spa-OPERATOR.

Hydromassage - the best attraction for receptors of your organism!

The Balneology - a bath with extracts of curative grasses, aromamaslami, sea salt allows to receive sensation of the uttermost relaxation and relieves of weariness. aeromassage raises effect of saturation of a skin oxygen and useful substances, and hromoterapija (colour support of procedures) raises antistressful effect balneoprotsedury.

Its Majesty - massage. one of the most important and demanded procedures. The most exacting client will be satisfied by quality of massages offered at us.

Speak, the person of the person is moulded by its conscience and a life. It - a result of set of the mysterious influences, a trace leaving on it, and a cosmetics role - to keep to (return) to a skin freshness, health, and to its owner to give the maximum pleasure, to charge optimism, to cheer up.

Whether you know, what the first cream from the sun was invented by the climber-man?! As your skin requires protection - so it requires oxygen, nutrients, minerals, vitamins, water.

Improvement of the appearance and state of health - does not mean, that you should change to the habits and radically alter own life. If you paint the house, its base will not collapse, simply the house begins to look better.

In SPA-centre Plexus will provide individual leaving, according to your type of a skin and its features.

System Body-building is known to a wide range of men, but personal training provides the most rational, effective and safe way to reach result quickly.

The trainer of our centre - Kirsanov Jury Jurevich - the deserved master of sports, the professional with the big trainer's operational experience in the different countries of the world, offers an individual approach to each client taking into account age and a state of health.

Pilates - unique system of gymnastic exercises , named a name of its founder, based on merge of east and western forms of training, such as yoga, east fighting arts, meditation, the Greek-Roman struggle.

The personal trainer, Kovalenko Lyudmila Igorevna studying a technique ”Pilates” of American sports doctor Daniel Lyon Jr., will pick up the program of trainings taking into account individual requirements, will give consultation on a competent food, to what aspect of health to pay attention, as well as what loadings to combine.

Spa manicure and a pedicure - a combination of all stages of special care of nails, a skin of hands and feet. a peeling, nutritious masks for a skin and the nails, special relaksirujushchie trays, parafinoterapija, doing a skin elastic and strong; the massage improving a tone and blood circulation.

Thanks to the unique equipment and technologies of German company Gehwol the miracles are possible, allowing to eliminate aesthetic problems, to restore the lost nail, to give to the destroyed plate a natural healthy kind, to correct the grown corners, to relieve a pain to clients with the bent fingers, to remove the bothered callosities and to cure cracks.

Depilation - removal of surpluses of a scalp from a body is the rule of a good form dictated by common sense: it is hygienic, healthy and consequently beautifully. men, as a rule, delete hair on shoulders, a back, and in the field of a neck where there is an irritation after shaving.

Depilation existing now by hot wax is less painful, than cold. As warm wax warms up a skin, undesirable hair leave much easier and with smaller morbidity. Therefore depilation by hot wax is preferable to such zones, as bikini and armpits. After procedure use also special means which removes irritation.

We have no the body separate of our soul, the body is only the part of soul allocated with five feelings. William Blejk

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