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Лучшие компании, фирмы, организации и магазины Харькова
Бизнес-Каталог ХАРЬКОВ-ТОРГОВЫЙ ® | www.shops.kharkov.ua

Бизнес-Каталог ХАРЬКОВ-ТОРГОВЫЙ ® | www.shops.kharkov.ua

Books, the book House. Books, kantstovary. Realisation, sale of books

  Название компании: Логотип Books, the book House Books, kantstovary. Realisation, sale of books в Харькове |Харьков Торговый ® | Бизнес-Каталог | www.shops.kharkov.ua
  "the HOUSE of BOOK BOOKS the House of book DP " Avionics-harkov ""
  Адрес (адреса) компании (и ее филиалов):
  61022, Kharkov, street Sumy, 51
  Режим работы компании (офис, магазина, филиалов):
  daily from 10:00 till
  Телефон, факс компании (и ее филиалов):
  + 38(057) 714-04-70, 714-04-71, a fax +38(057) 714-26-74

The director +38(057) 714-03-33 info@books.ua
Department of purchases +38(057) 714-26-72 KizubS@books.ua
Department of sales +38(057) 714-04-71 opt@books.ua
Department of advertising +38(057) 714-63-16 reklama@books.ua
  Район города, описание как проехать:
the Center, metro station University, gostprom
  Адрес электронной почты, сайт компании: info@books.ua, www.books.ua,
  Вид деятельности компании the HOUSE of BOOK BOOKS the House of book DP " Avionics-harkov ":  
We are ready to offer you more than 30 thousand names of books of a various orientation: classical both modern prose and poetry, a fantasy, detectives, ezotericheskuju and the popular scientific literature. At us books for children and gift editions are widely presented the uchebno-methodical and professional literature. Pay attention to a wide range of audiobooks in format MP3. | If you could not find the book interesting you, we will accept the order and we will try to observe it in the shortest terms. | Employees of the House of the book "BooкS " are ready to make all that live dialogue with the book became from is small to is great desired necessity and daily requirement.