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Лучшие компании, фирмы, организации и магазины Харькова
Бизнес-Каталог ХАРЬКОВ-ТОРГОВЫЙ ® | www.shops.kharkov.ua

Бизнес-Каталог ХАРЬКОВ-ТОРГОВЫЙ ® | www.shops.kharkov.ua

the Kharkov Zoo. the State zoo in Kharkov. Culture and art

  Название компании: Логотип the Kharkov Zoo the State zoo in Kharkov. Culture and art в Харькове |Харьков Торговый ® | Бизнес-Каталог | www.shops.kharkov.ua
  "the Kharkov State Zoological Park"
  Адрес (адреса) компании (и ее филиалов):
  the Kharkov zoo is located in the city centre, in the neighbourhood with city park of T.G. Shevchenko. The area of the territory occupied with a zoo, - 22 hectares.
  Режим работы компании (офис, магазина, филиалов):
  the Zoo works daily: from 8 o'clock in the morning - all light day.
without days off. During the summer period - till 20-00.
  Телефон, факс компании (и ее филиалов):
  (8-057) 705-44-85, 705-44-86, 705-44-87, 705-44-88
(8-057) 705-44-89, 705-44-90, 705-44-91
  Район города, описание как проехать:
the Center. City park of T.G. Shevchenko. metro stations University or gosprom
  Адрес электронной почты, сайт компании: www.zoo.kharkov.ua, science@kharkov.ukrtel.net,
  Вид деятельности компании the Kharkov State Zoological Park:  
The Collection of animals on the beginning of 2005 has reached 7133 animal 367 kinds. Among them 103 kinds of rare and protected animals. Many of them at us well breed. | | Ticket cost: | For children till 5 years - it is free , | For children is more senior 5 years - 5 grn , | For adults and children is more senior 13 years - 20 grn . | Excursion cost - 2 grn. From the person | The first Wednesday of each month the following contingent has the right to free entrance: | - Children-orphans; | - Children from large families; | - Participants of the Second World War; | - Participants of liquidation of failure on CHAES; | - Invalids. We are always glad to see you at ourselves on a visit.